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Discover the Emotion Code: 

Energy Healing 101

You could uncover your wellness superpower in 4 simple steps

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Client Testimonials

"I have released 9 trapped emotions from my Heart Wall so far and the shift has been incredible. I have known that I have had some major Emotional Blocks in that have prevented me from living my life to the fullest. I always could get so far with certain aspects of my life then I always felt like I would hit a wall and go two steps backward. I have worked on different clearing methods in the past, but the Emotion Code has been absolutely incredible. The process works so quickly… Things are flowing into my life with ease now and I feel a sense of calm and peace over many things in my life. I am looking forward to releasing and clearing even more!"

- Niki Kostrova

Don’t let past negative experiences AFFECT YOUR FUTURE!

With the 4 simple steps in The Emotion Code™, you could...

Release trapped emotional energy that may lead to many kinds of physical and emotional distress

Experience more vibrant health and happiness

Improve your relationships by releasing emotional baggage

Be more successful at work and your finances

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